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Our highly talented developers work seamlessly alongside your team, helping you to realise your goals and increase your development velocity.

We are as comfortable expanding your existing teams as we are owning a particular area or outcome.

Multiplayer game developers work with us to scale their global player base and unlock the ability to create densely populated player experiences.

Ask us about our approach to game server architecture and online services. When should you build and when should you buy? Who are the market leaders and who can you trust to be around for the lifetime of your game?

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"Companion is filled with incredible people that know what they are doing. It is a best feeling ever to work among them!"

Vlad Ivanov

Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore

From the moment we first saw Coreborn we were in love. The first title by Blankhans is an adaptation of a popular pen and paper series created in Germany…

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"I get the opportunity to grow professionally & as a person whilst working on amazing projects with a great people from around the world, learning new cultures & working with truly amazing people"

Pedro Lontro