Unreal, Unity & Backend Services

We specialise in Unreal Engine (C++), Unity (C#) and backend architecture and services.

Not only are we positioned to provide the personnel required to deliver, but we have a deep understanding of the products available on the market and are happy to advise based on your requirements.

Whether you’re building a complex multiplayer or a deep narrative-driven single player experience, we’re here to help.

"We are very happy with Companion's contribution to the project. Thanks to the members and their expertise we have improved a lot in the Multiplayer area, an area we didn't have much knowledge".

Josep Martinez
Outer Ring Executive Producer

Cost Optimisation

When building multiplayer games, it’s easy to fall into a trap of spending unnecessarily on infrastructure and services.

Not only can we help ensure your game scales automatically as your concurrent player numbers do (hugging the demand curve), we also help you to optimise server and anti-DDoS protection costs.

In addition, every time we undertake a product or service review for you, we put ourselves in your shoes and minimize any unnecessary spend in our solutioning.

3 Reasons NOT to go with Companion

  • You have no need to scale your core team, you have everything you need already to meet your milestones
  • Quality is a secondary concern when it comes to selecting a development partner
  • You find recruiting the best talent in the world quick and easy. If you get it wrong you don’t mind going through the necessary termination process and starting again