Collective Success

Whether it’s one of our partners, or one of our teams working on a project, we celebrate our successes as one collective group. Nothing makes us happier than to see our customers and colleagues succeed.

We look for people who encourage and cheer-on those around them, rather than those who try to elevate themselves by putting others down.

Our compensation package is designed to align with our values. Individuals are rewarded for Companions collective success with share options and annual cash bonuses in addition to salary.

Individual Growth

We retain talent by providing career progression and regularly reevaluating compensation.

We operate a career ladder levelling system and always look within our team first when we require, and have colleagues willing, to take on greater levels of responsibility.

Work/Life Balance

Why travel hours every week to go an office when you can be just as efficient working from the comfort of your home?

If you prefer a longer lunch then take it. If you prefer to start and finish early or late that’s fine too. We adapt to our clients needs and then offer flexibility around those core requirements.

When you enjoy what you do, we know we don’t need to clock watch or encourage you to do your job. By focusing on ensuring you are happy and fulfilled everything else happens naturally.