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We are a trusted partner to a number of highly ambitious and innovative studios based around the world. Our partners inspire us every day and we repay their faith in us by executing on their vision and delivering high quality experiences for the players.

We understand how important confidentiality is to our partners. So while we can't share everything, here are some things we can.

"We are very happy with Companion's contribution to the project. Thanks to the members and their expertise we have improved a lot in the Multiplayer area, an area we didn't have much knowledge".

Outer Ring Executive Producer


Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore is a multiplayer survival game set in the open world of the Ultracore Pen & Paper, created by Hauke Gerdes.

The game combines three major pillars: a survival sandbox (the world of Tormentosia), a social hub (Coreheim, the location of the Ultracore) and adventures (diverse action experiences).

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Outer Ring

Not everyone expected the Outer Ring Civil War. The signs were visible. Chaos was brewing in the darkness of space. But the new inhabitants of the Outer Ring were reluctant to see the storm heading their way, and when they did: it was already too late.

Four different, yet equally strong, forces took place in the war. The Rebirth Coalition fought for change and escape from the old traditions while the Bastion of Traditions Alliance believed that tradition stood as the only tool to end the dispute between the factions…

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In the near future, on a blighted Earth, the claim to the human legacy is diverging.

Many have chosen to move to the orbiting Colony, hoping for a new phase of life…

VAIL is an online-multiplayer shooter for virtual reality focused on tactical gunplay and combat. Experience team-based action and work together to achieve victory.

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